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The winter collection means a lot to us‭,‬ from 2018‭, ‬one of the goals we've set is a wide winter collection that develops into other items of clothing that are hooded and‭ ‬pants‭, ‬3‭ ‬years or more of accumulating experience‭, ‬learning and thinking research‭, ‬and development are concentrated in this collection‭.  The attention to detail is something that accompanies us from the beginning‭, ‬working with the best raw materials and insisting and searching for the dominant colors that will be the colors of winter‭, ‬all to reach an equally perfect winter collection‭. ‬


The collection we present before you comes in three colors‭: ‬mocha‭, ‬desert‭, ‬black‭, ‬fabric‭: ‬french terry thick 100%‭ ‬cotton‭.‬ A set of hoodies and pants‭. ‬

The design‭: ‬developing an exclusive and unique sector for ellipsis‭, ‬the hoodie is a regular fit‭, ‬with an ounce patch in the center in a hooded colour‭.‬ The pants carrot/straight fit‭, ‬which gives the trousers an upgrade and a daily look that you can also get out of the comfort zone‭.‬ With an clenched patch on the left side of the trousers under the pocket in a hooded color‭.‬

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