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We in ellipsis believe that fashion is the perfect platform to connect between‭ ‬two topics that don't necessarily have a connection knowing how to find a connection between them is art‭.‬ The collection expresses the art and creativity in the pop-art genre‭. Pop art in recent years has started to get more awareness around art lovers in general and fashion in particular‭, ‬big fashion companies and well-known designers have seen the potential and decided to take it to their place and bring the art to the fore in‭ ‬everyday and prestigious clothing items‭.‬

In this collection you can see how we expressed the entire work of the‭ ‬pop-art artist NASTYA ROVENSKAYA‭.‬

By items of clothing‭ (‬t-shirt‭) ‬in which we decided not to touch the original design and to express the quality and fabric sector‭ ‬in two neutral black and white colors that give affiliation to a canvas drawing board on which artists usually paint‭, ‬and illustrate this to you on an item of clothing‭.‬ We also gave our signature with the three-point logo on the front of the shirt in the center‭, ‬in the dominant color of the painting on the back of the shirt‭.‬ The collection is limited and each model is numbered from 1-60‭.‬

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