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When we started working on the design of the 3rd collection in the id series‭, ‬we examined the previous two collections and looked for how to take the main motifs and maintain the design line while maintaining a new and interesting innovation while maintaining continuity of the series‭.‬

In this collection‭, ‬we have maintained the design line in several facets‭, ‬the first‭, ‬the type of fabric and texture‭: ‬french terry 100%‭ ‬cotton‭, ‬knitted fabric‭, ‬which is very similar to the jersey fabric you know from our id‭ #‬2‭ ‬collection‭.‬

The french terry is a pretty mediocre fabric‭ - ‬lighter than your season hoodie‭, ‬but heavier than your everyday t-shirt in the closet‭.‬

The fabric is very pleasant‭, ‬evaporates moisture‭, ‬and is created with the innovative technology in the fashion world‭.‬

The second‭, ‬the design‭: ‬the position of the logo on the shirt at the front‭, ‬in the center‭, ‬which gives continuity to the design‭-‬line from the id‭ #‬2‭ ‬collection‭.‬

All with the renewal and improvement of the sector with three new and summery colors in pastel shades peach‭, ‬mint‭, ‬and lilach purple that are going to be your favorite colors this summer‭.‬

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