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This collection stems from the daily need of all of us to wear smooth quality shirts in the right cut that can fit with any other item we have in the closet. Over the past six months, we have worked on developing the cut combined with the right colors and working with the best raw materials to meet this need.

Smooth and unsophisticated Blank shirts are perfect for any season of the year for any outfit. It will come in 3 colors:  Greystone, dark grey cement, and cream blush.

In addition, in this collection, we have added a new item and it is as an additional step to develop new and additional items that you will meet in our collections later on…

Trousers Wide-Cut Pants, One of the most prominent features that have entered the street fashion culture in recent years is the various wide pants (work pants, cargo, etc.) Over time the world has realized that it is most beautiful when you are comfortable with a clean and simple look but can also transmit luxury at the same time combined with the right items.

Therefore, in the blanks collection, you will also meet for the first time our trousers that come in 3 colors:  Green olive, cream, and black.

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