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The three points in the series in the grapher's magazine are animated by the three designers of ellipsis‭. ‬as each point is different‭, ‬the fashionable taste of each of the three designers is also different‭.‬

Ellipsis name logo‭- ‬the inverted‭ '‬e‭' ‬in its image like the number 3‭, ‬repeats the motif of the three points and that is what led‭ ‬us to create our first and successful collection‭, ‬id‭ #‬1‭. ‬

We were looking to bring ourselves an expression from the first encounter of the client with his shirt‭, ‬in his touch with her‭, ‬and with a feeling in which the shirt would sit on the body‭, ‬so we chose a‭ ‬french terry 100%‭ ‬cotton fabric in oversized cut‭. ‬The‭ ‬black and white colors constitute the simplicity and oneness and the addition of each of the points of view to the collection‭.‬

The collection is a milestone of the values in which we believe in ellipsis‭.‬ Innovation‭, ‬creating‭, ‬and sharing‭, ‬with them we invite you to be impressed by the creative process in the cleanest form‭.‬

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