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Welcome to the e-magazine‭...‬ The official fashion magazine by ellipsis collection‭,‬ which perfectly combines‮ ‬‭ ‬between the ellipsis official newsletter and a new fashion magazine that has been created especially for you.‬‮ ‬

Here‭, ‬you will be exposed to our designers point of view‭,‬ to the ideas behind our collections and elaboration on the collaborations we made‭.‬Additionally‭, ‬the contents that will be on our new e-magazine will be full of updates and news about the hot trends‭, ‬fashion shows of the biggest brands in our culture‭, ‬as well as interviews with fashion icons and fashion designers‭.‬The magazine will be published in a weekly edition and you will be able to find it on our instagram and facebook accounts‭,‬ as well as on our official website‭.‬‮‬ For hot updates‭, ‬early exposures and special editions‭,‬ go ahead and join our newsletter‭, ‬and start being in the ellipsis process‭.‬​​​

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