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After the first pop art collection that let us understand that there is room here for something else, something new that has not been seen until now, the connection between two different worlds art and fashion led to the creation of something new that seemed to be something impossible but managed to be expressed and prove itself. 

Returning in another follow-up collection this time wider, more varied and more significant, a collection that will consist of 7 brand new paintings each with its own story, some of them continuing the traditional design of the previous collection with the whole picture on the back of the back, and in front as a repeating motif instead of the 3 dots in the dominant color of as a picture we replaced by cropping part of the original picture and created as a logo box on the front of the shirt,  and generates belonging and continuity to the first collection. 

In addition, there are 3 new models with thinking outside the frame, in which abstract use is made from the original paintings and a game of the characters and elements from the painting and their re-creation according to the same motifs into a completely new creation that characterizes us and reflects our way of creating.

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