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Our journey to the perfect product begins in the biggest streetwear fashion capitals of the world‭- ‬Germany‭, ‬spain‭, ‬France‭, ‬and Italy​‭.‬

The journey lead us on the hunt for the absolute best fabrics and materials‭.‬

Combined with the inspiration we took and our own creativity and taste​we have created a unique brand that will make a different and special‭ '‬mark‭' ‬in the​‭ ‬fashion industry‭.‬‮


It was another night with our friends‭,‬ and one of the designers shared a personal experience that had happened to him last night‭.‬‮ ‬

He told us he had a shirt he loved and he wanted to buy more shirts with the same cut but failed to find any‭. ‬He said that he always wanted to go to the sewing shop‭,‬ buy some fabrics‭, ‬and make more shirts in the cuts that he all loves‭.‬

This idea sparked something in all of us‭.

We wanted to take it to the next level‭.‬ To create a new clothing brand with our own unique design‭.‬‮‬

After that evening‭, ‬we set up a meeting where the entire team was trying to think how three friends with different tastes succeed in creating the first collection‭. ‬how will it look‭? ‬What colors should we use‭? ‬and what name will represent us‭?‬​


Definition‭: ‬omission‭, ‬a missing part‭, ‬the omission of one or more words in a section of text‭. ‬And is marked by three points‭ [...‬‭]‬

We saw it in a different way and we decided to give the word a different angle‭.‬ Three dot‭, ‬each representing one of the designers according to his point of view‭.‬ Separated‭, but together‭.‬

The inverted‭ '‬e‭' ‬in the logo is like the number 3‭, ‬repeats the motif of the three points‭. ‬​

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