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We are people who believe in continuity‭, ‬and as you have already seen‭, ‬one of our milestones is to pass you our story‭: ‬from where it all began‭, ‬through the creative process‭, ‬to the end result‭.‬

We are more than excited to reveal our new collection in the id’s series‭.‬ On the first collection of the id series we have revealed for the first time who we are‭, ‬our logo‭, ‬and what way we intend to follow‭. ‬We let you a taste of our vision in black&white shirts‭, ‬where it all began‭.‬

Now‭, ‬on the second collection in the id series‭, ‬we will show exactly who we are‭, ‬what our motto is‭, ‬and what ellipsis is actually for us‭.‬

id‭ # ‬2‭ ‬collection perfectly expresses the continuation of our story‭, ‬with an emphasis on the creative process‭. ‬Come and continue‭ ‬the story with us‭. ‬

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