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ellipsis spring summer 24 collection main cover



One of our goals in Ellipsis from the beginning was to create a unique and exclusive sense of belonging for you‭.‬ Every start of working on a new program‭, ‬a comprehensive thought is made about how to make you feel unique and be a part of us‭,‬‭ ‬each of our collections in Ellipsis are produced in a limited amount that is not repetitive‭, ‬to bring you the added value that‭ ‬is the sense of uniqueness and exclusion to the carefully done item of clothing made and composed of the best raw materials‭.‬‮‬ On some of the collections in Ellipsis‭, ‬you can see it visually in print‭/embroidered on the garment item‭, ‬and in some not‭...
But we will continue to give you the unique feeling in each of our products and let you‭ ‬‮ ‬be part of us‭, ‬Ellipsis‭.‬‮ ‬

ellipsis classics collection over.
ellipsis fall winter collection cover


We in ellipsis believe that creation is better when shared‭,‬ and we want to convey the feeling of creation to each and every one of you‭.‬ After every new collection launches‭, ‬we will share our creative process‭. Our vision‭, ‬ideas‭, ‬sketches‭, ‬inspirations‭, ‬and sources‭ ‬created the whole drop‭.‬ From the materials to color choices‭, ‬from pen and paper to the sewing machine‭. You will get a glimpse of the backstage of our mind‭, ‬and a chance to look at things from our point of view‭.‬ You will get to see the whole Ellipsis‭...

‬'‬From Vision to Creation‭' ‬program‭.

ellipsis pop art 2.0 collection cover
Ellipsis caps collection cover
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